How to prevent chapped lips

If you want to know how to avoid chapped lips, then knowing the root of the problem is crucial. If you can understand what causes this condition so it would be easier for you to take better medication that will help heal the chapped lips more easily.

If this condition persists for long then the problem is called angular cheilitis. Well you might wonder about this angular cheilitis. This is a disorder caused by overgrowth of the bacteria that naturally occurs on our lips. This is a natural occurrence that is assumed to be totally harmless and may initially show no symptoms. You need to find out the ways on getting rid of chapped lips.chapped list

Well, you might wonder how, in some people and not all of us, these bacteria can cause problems. One big cause may be a weak immune system in which the body isn’t healthy enough to combat the bacteria. In certain cases, even unfitting dentures can lead to inappropriate mouth closure which can cause skin pockets to develop which harbor bacteria which can provide them with a perfect breeding ground.

We may also see identical skin shaped pockets in people who easily gain extra weight. Some people may invite bacterial growth on their lips if they continually thumb-suck or even bite their nails, or chew their pens. This is because the area outside of the mouth stays moist which is the best place to cultivate the bacteria. Unfortunately, it can be really hard to eradicate them immediately when the bacteria take a strong grip and thus the effect is chapped lips occurs.

If you already have dry, flaky skin on your face, the most convenient way on avoiding dry chapped lips will be to brush your teeth or cleanse your skin immediately. Since after either of these activities the skin on your lips is moist, all you need to do is to take a soft washcloth or toothbrush and rub it gently over your lips.